About Bolt

Better components, greater value and superior features - all in a flash

Bolt recognizes that no matter how expensive a camera may be or which features a lens will possess, the utilization of a quality portable flash system is imperative for creating striking photographic masterpieces in both indoor and outdoor settings.

That's why the award-winning engineers at Bolt have created an impressive line of portable flashes, portable power packs, and related accessories geared toward the value-conscious photographer seeking professional-grade products which are guaranteed to last.

Whether it's a lightweight, reliable power source that's compatible with hi-tech flash units or durable accessories that seamlessly integrate with multiple brands for swift flexibility, every item bearing the Bolt label has been created with superior components to endure the day-to-day stresses of typical photographic settings.

Photographers across the globe have come to trust Bolt for its first-class lineup of flash-related products, meticulous attention to every detail, and reputation for constructing reliable, warranty-backed equipment that consistently maintains the highest professional standards.

Core Values

At Bolt, quality is ingrained in both our name and our products. Quality trumps all other values, as it sets the tone for the innovative product designs we bring to market. Because our products are created by professionals in the field, we know the importance of having quality equipment you can rely on firsthand, which is why all of our products are quality built.

It's our 'raison d'etre,' to provide the widest array of equipment in all the fields we cover, so that you can accomplish your goals reliably and with ease. For every field we cover, we set out to create and offer the widest array of gear, so that all your needs are sure to be fulfilled.

We cater to creative professionals and digital media artists. Therefore, all of our products and the packages that deliver them are infused with the creativity that fuels and spurs ingenuity. Thinking both inside and out of the box allows us to offer complete creative solutions that enable professional achievements.

We believe that our products will stand the test of time, which is why every item we offer goes through an arduous pre-development research phase, and then a series of field trials, to ensure the user features provided are the best in the game. We are able to back our products up with industry-leading warranty terms that either match or exceed what's offered by our competitors.

Customer Benefits

Each product is carefully crafted with high-grade materials that are built to perform regardless of the arena you're playing in. We know that in the professional field, reliability is key to getting the job done, which is why you can count on the Gradus Group to provide durable gear.

Every professional has a workflow which can be quite complex. We offer a full range of products within each category so that your workflow can be simplified with products that are cross-compatible and easy to use.

Because our products are developed by professionals, every item carries with it user features that have been proven to ensure they'll meet your demanding requirements.

Rest assured when purchasing products from any Gradus Group company, since they're all backed with industry-leading warranty terms. We're confident in the products we produce, and want you to feel the same way.